Santa Barbara’s Best Freezer Repair: Same-Day Service

If you need to repair a freezer, Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is the first and only call you need to make. Don’t put off repairs any longer. Santa Barbara Appliance Repair provides affordable and convenient freezer repair services and offers our customers same day emergency service (when needed) at no extra charge. Help is always just a phone call away, as Santa Barbara Appliance Repair has work crews on call 24/7.

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Why Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is Ventura County’s best choice for appliance repair

For the top quality and warranty offered by Santa Barbara Appliance Repair Appliances, no one else even comes close.

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair Appliances is the only local company in California that is able to provide five-year parts, service, and warranty for every major brand in their line up.

As we like to say, “Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is your quality work provider for your quality appliances.”

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is committed to providing the best customer service at the best price.

When you should contact Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

The appliance has not worked properly for more than 3 hours.

Freezer that won’t hold temperatures as expected.

Broken or dislodged plastic parts.

Busted or damaged gasket or seal.

Problems with the door or motor causing air or coolant leaks.

Damaged rubber gasket.

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What sets Santa Barbara Appliance Repair apart from other appliance repair services in the area?

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is a dedicated appliance repair company. Our team has spent years using equipment provided by the leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure we provide customers with the best customer service available, and that includes our same day emergency service, if needed.

What’s the process like for a repair call?

Our technicians assess the problem, perform the required repair, and then return the appliance to the owner in less than 24 hours.

What’s the best part of working with Santa Barbara Appliance Repair?

Our team is composed of friendly, experienced appliance repair technicians that are excited to help you with your next freezer repair.

Call us at (805) 364-5109

Getting started with your service request

We start by asking you a few questions to help us learn about your original problem. Our service technician takes the receipt and determines if the service technician responsible should make the repair. This information can then be written in a record for future reference.

You can be home or away from home, and the technician will work at your location. This ensures that you can bring your children to school and you can attend your husband’s baseball game.

Call us at (805) 364-5109 to get started with your same day service repair.