A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Water Filter in Your Jenn-Air Fridge

Jenn-Air Fridge photoA well-maintained refrigerator is essential for keeping your food fresh and your drinks cool. One crucial aspect of refrigerator maintenance is changing the water filter regularly. In this Refrigerator Repair article, we will guide you through the process of changing the water filter in a Jenn-Air fridge. This will help keep your refrigerator in top condition and provide you with clean, fresh-tasting water.

Why Change Your Jenn-Air Fridge Water Filter?

Regularly changing the water filter in your Jenn-Air refrigerator is essential for several reasons:

  • It removes impurities from the water, such as sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants.
  • It ensures better-tasting and odor-free water and ice.
  • It helps maintain the overall efficiency of your refrigerator, reducing the risk of costly repairs.

How Often Should You Change Your Water Filter?

Typically, water filters in Jenn-Air refrigerators should be changed every six months or after filtering 200-300 gallons of water. However, you should always refer to your refrigerator’s user manual for the manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

Identifying Your Jenn-Air Fridge’s Water Filter

Before you can replace the water filter, you’ll need to identify the correct filter model for your refrigerator. The water filter model is typically found in the user manual or printed on the filter itself. Alternatively, you can search online using your refrigerator’s model number to find the correct filter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Water Filter in Your Jenn-Air Fridge

Step 1: Locate the Water Filter

Jenn-Air fridges have their water filters located in various places depending on the model. Common locations include the upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment, the base grille, or inside a flip-down compartment on the left side of the refrigerator.

Step 2: Turn Off the Water Supply

Before changing the filter, it’s important to turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. This can usually be done by turning the shut-off valve, which is typically located behind the fridge or under the sink.

Step 3: Remove the Old Filter

Depending on your fridge model, you may need to follow different steps to remove the old filter. Here are some common methods:

  1. For filters located in the upper right corner: Push the filter release button and gently pull the filter downward to remove it.
  2. For filters in the base grille: Turn the filter counterclockwise until it releases, then gently pull it out.
  3. For filters inside a flip-down compartment: Open the compartment, turn the filter counterclockwise, and pull it out.

Step 4: Install the New Filter

Before installing the new filter, remove any protective packaging. Then, follow these steps based on your fridge model:

  1. For filters located in the upper right corner: Push the new filter up into the housing until it clicks into place.
  2. For filters in the base grille: Insert the new filter into the grille and turn it clockwise until it locks into place.
  3. For filters inside a flip-down compartment: Insert the new filter into the compartment, turn it clockwise, and close the compartment.

Step 5: Turn On the Water Supply

Turn the water supply back on by opening the shut-off valve.

Step 6: Flush the New Filter

After installing the new filter, you’ll need to flush it by running water through it for a few minutes. To do this, follow these steps:

Dispense water from the refrigerator’s water dispenser for about three to five minutes, or until the water runs clear. This will help remove any air and debris from the new filter.
If your refrigerator has an ice maker, discard the first batch of ice produced after changing the filter. This ensures that any remaining impurities are removed before you consume the ice.

Water filter compatibility chart

Below is a list showcasing a few Jenn-Air refrigerator models and their corresponding water filter models. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and it is crucial to consult your refrigerator’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for the most accurate information.
Jenn-Air Refrigerator Model Water Filter Model
JSC24C8EAM EDR2RXD1 (W10413645A)
JSC23C9EEM EDR1RXD1 (W10295370A)
JFX2897DRM EDR2RXD1 (W10413645A)
Remember to verify the correct water filter model for your specific Jenn-Air refrigerator by referring to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website. Using the wrong filter may result in reduced performance or even damage to your refrigerator.

Tips for Maintaining Your Jenn-Air Fridge Water Filter

To keep your Jenn-Air refrigerator in optimal condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Keep a record of when you change the water filter to ensure you replace it at the recommended intervals.
  • Regularly clean the refrigerator, including the water dispenser and ice maker, to prevent buildup and odors.
  • Inspect the filter for any signs of damage or wear, and replace it immediately if you notice any issues.


Changing the water filter in your Jenn-Air fridge is a simple yet essential task for maintaining the appliance’s efficiency and providing clean, fresh-tasting water. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily replace your refrigerator’s water filter and keep your Jenn-Air fridge running smoothly for years to come.