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🏡Mission Canyon Appliance Repair is well equipped to handle all of your appliance repair needs. Mission Canyon Appliance Repair is new to the Santa Barbara area. They are proficient at fixing all makes and models of appliances. The staff is courteous, efficient, and prompt for appointments. The next time one of your appliances is on the fritz, contact Mission Canyon Appliance Repair. Here is a list of the repairs their staff can handle with their customary efficiency.

⚙️Dishwasher Repair

They eliminate the time it takes to order replacement parts. How, you ask? Their vans are fully stocked with the parts that they will need to repair your dishwasher. On the rare occasion that they do not have the exact part for your job, Mission Canyon will order the part on the spot and have it installed in 24 hours. In most cases, it only takes one quick visit. More here 👉…

⚙️Range / Stove / Oven Repair

What do you do when you are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner and your range conks out on Tuesday? Call Mission Canyon Appliance. They will have a certified technician in your home in no time and have you back to cooking that Thanksgiving feast like the stove never broke down on you. There aren’t many worse feelings than to have a big event rapidly approaching and you can’t cook for your guests. You can put your mind at ease when Mission Canyon is on the job. More here 👉…


The refrigerator is probably the most important appliance in the house. When it malfunctions, panic sets in. You’ve got lots of food that will spoil before you know it. Mission Canyon appliance repair company understands this and will have a trained technician sent to your home as soon as you can schedule an appointment. Don’t put that party on hold just yet! Mission Canyon Appliance Repair will have your refrigerator humming again in no time. More here 👉…


Don’t even think of having a panic attack when your freezer quits freezing. Mission Canyon Appliance Repair will have a certified technician at your door before that first steak has time to thaw. As is customary with Mission Repair service, the parts will be right there in the service vehicle. Your problem will be solved before it becomes a problem. More here 👉…

Mission Canyon Appliance Repair technicians are fully trained in all brands of clothes washers. Once again, a fully stocked van will be there with the properly trained person ready to fix your washer. You want a dependable repair job on this appliance and you know you’ll get one with Mission Canyon.


What about icemakers, convection ovens, wine chillers, etc.? There are simply too many appliances to list all the ways that Mission Canyon Appliance Repair can help you. If you have an appliance that is not listed here, call them anyway. Chances are, they’ll have it fixed before you know it.

⭐️Certified Technicians

Mission Canyon Appliance Repair takes pride in the continued training and multiple certifications that its service technicians have. They pride themselves on being the best in the business across all brands. You can have confidence when you call Mission Appliance that the person who comes to your door is well trained to handle your emergency.

🚀Quick Services

The business of appliance repair is about more than just a bucket of bolts. It is about keeping families’ lives humming like a new refrigerator. That’s why Mission Canyon Appliance Repair not only fixes your appliances; they do it in a very timely manner for your convenience. You set the appointment. They are there at the appointed time and get the work done courteously, professionally, and quickly so you don’t miss your child’s ball game or concert. This is one service organization that lives up to its claims of keeping your appliances – and your daily schedule – running smoothly.

⏰24 Hour Service

Sometimes those pesky appliances just don’t break down during normal business hours. What do you do then? Call your friends at Mission Canyon Appliance Repair. They have people on call for just such an emergency. If your emergency can wait until the next day, send an email. It will get reviewed first thing in the morning and they will schedule your repair when it is convenient for you.